The Importance of Repiping a House

The Importance of Repiping a House

Homeowners must be aware that a house is built with pipes for your water and gas use. We all know that it takes time before it malfunctions or breaks down. But, due to unavoidable natural circumstances, such as floods, heavy types of storms and earthquakes, these pipes may give up.

There are also instances, where your pipes just have simple damages. Most of the time, homeowners will just let it repair. If these pipes are already old and started showing the failures, then it means that it needs replacement and not just a simple repair. You have seen the sign that sooner or later, more leaks or malfunctions may occur. That is what you need to prevent.

If you are going to repair your old pipes after one problem and then, repair it again after the second problem, you will just spend more because damages and leaks will show up after some time. In cases of old houses with old pipes, it is advisable to RePipe in order to lessen your expenses.

When you are going to call for a repipe company, it is not really necessary to vacate the house. The construction and installation of new pipes may produce noise and it may also lead you not to do your usual daily activities. But, as a homeowner, it would be best to stay around to check your stuffs.

Normally, re-piping is completed in a week. But, of course, the preliminary step, which is to replace the pipe will depend on how big is your house. After installing the pipes, the authority will also come and inspect the work. And then, for the last step, the plumber or repairmen need to patch the walls. Anyway, your contractor will explain you everything you need to know, including the estimation of construction days covered.

Materials Used in Re-piping a House

As a homeowner, who is scouting for a re-piping or plumbing company, you must be aware about various materials used in needed during the construction and installation of the new pipes. It is important for you to know the type of materials used because your contractor will give you options will let you decide what to use. If a company can explain what materials are, then it’s good.

Most of the time, you consider the expenses for this transaction. You have to think wisely here. Do not always choose the cheapest material. But, think about the lifespan of the materials used. If it has a good quality, then you are sure that the new pipes will last longer and will have a cheaper maintenance cost.


This material is actually very popular because it is lighter and more flexible if you are going to compare it with steel or iron. What’s really good with copper is that it resists corrosion. It only shows that even after years of using it, bursting incident has a lower chance to happen. This is a very big consideration for you to think about.


If you prefer a material made of plastic, then you may choose a Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride or CPVC. This plastic is crafted from a strong polymer, so it can manage changes in temperature. So, if you prefer plastic material, then CPVC is a good choice.


Another material used is the Pass-Linked Polyethylene or the PEX. This is also a plastic material, but it is more flexible and has a more life span than a CPVC. It also costs less than copper. So, this is an ideal type of material used when repiping is needed. Find out more in this article.

For the installation and construction of the new pipes, you have to consider the quality. Again, do not simply choose the cheapest, instead choose the best option for your house.