Keep SupaGlossat its best

Keep SupaGlossat its best

PG Bison, well known quality board manufacturer, is offering a MelawoodSupaGloss board option to the market. MelaWoodSupagloss is manufactured to European standards and offers a consistent high-gloss colour that is a popular choice with many consumers. Even though the product is manufactured to the most stringent standards in the world, with the best technology has to offer, great care should be taken to ensure a quality finished product.

MelawoodSupaGloss offers a gloss level in excess of 101 GE (200) – about as shiny as you can possibly get. It is a durable UV hardened surface with consistent colour and quality to boast. Sadly though, if the right care is not taken while handling it, the gloss finish could scratch, chip or dent.

The product is supplied in 2750 x 1830mm sheets and with a protective film covering. Don’t peel the film off while working with the various panels. Boards can be cut and edged with the film covering.

When storing the boards, it is best to lie them down flat, stacked no more than four sheets on top of each other and separating them with at least four evenly spaced and vertically aligned dunnage.

If you must store the sheets upright make sure it is as near to perfectly upright as possible to prevent sagging. Keep it indoors in a dry, dust-free and draft free area.

While handling the panels, always make sure you have enough helping hands so boards will never be dragged or dropped, which could potentially damage the material.

Once the material is installed you can peel off the protective film.

Good housekeeping practices and disciplined work will ensure your MelaWoodSupaGloss keeps its high gloss look and feel.