Getting Quality Shutters for a Lifetime

I wanted to buy window shutters, but my husband told me that we would not be able to afford them. Normally, he is right when it comes to things like this. He knows prices, but I had found a company that offers really good prices. On top of that, they were having a holiday sale where we could get 40 percent off the total cost. When I told him that, he was eager to sit down with me and look at what Orange County Shutters offers. We had so much fun going through the different pages on their website, looking at all of the different kinds of shutters.

I figured he was getting overwhelmed with so many different choices, and I admit that I was too. One of the really nice things about this business is that they don’t leave people on their own when they are struggling like this. I called and made an appointment for someone to come out to the house. It was a free consultation, so we were under no obligation whatsoever to go through with anything if we were not comfortable with it. That turned out to not even be an issue though!

The designer who came out was very friendly and extremely knowledgable. She was able to narrow down the choices for us after looking at the windows where we wanted the shutters installed. Having just five choices as opposed to a whole lot more made it much easier for us to decide which style and color to go with. She agreed that our final choice would look amazing, and that is what started the process. She did the measuring herself, and the installation was done as soon as they were completed. We did not mind the long wait because we knew we were getting quality shutters that will last us a lifetime!