4 Simple Home Décor Tips to Make a Big Impression

Everyone will give you advice on what to and what not to do when it comes to decorating your home. Each person and their home should have its own décor style, so there is no right or wrong, but there are a few areas you can focus on to ensure that your home has that wow-factor that impresses your guests.

In order for your home to make a good first impression start by focusing on these four areas.

  1. The entryway

I have recently decided to paint my front door light pink and most people I tell think I’m crazy. I, however, cannot wait to see the look on people’s faces when they enter my home through a happy pink door.

The entryway to your house is often the first thing people notice. This does not mean that you have to paint your door. Your entry way should be organised, neutral and well lit. Your entryway décor should be kept to a minimum, with a simple hat stand or mirror to encourage flow in this area.

  1. The attraction

In order for your home to have a wow-factor you need an attraction – something that your guests can admire and talk about. This could be an oversized piece of art, a group of vases or beautiful hand-painted coffee mugs, or a statement furniture piece. One good statement piece means that you do not need to fill a room with clutter.

My ideal statement piece for an urban home would be a TV cabinet made with PG Bison’s MelaWoodSupaGloss in their daring Petrol Blue colour option.

  1. The space

One of the things I remember most about homes I have visited is how crammed and cluttered many of them are. In order to create clean space you need to de-clutter.

In order to de-clutter you will need space to put the things you decide to keep. Closed cupboards and shelving will help you to organise and pack away the things you have, leaving the space that people see open and less-distracting.

I suggest shelving built with PG Bison’s MelaWoodSupaGloss in Summer White. This bright wood-based panel material is perfect for building stylish storage solutions.

  1. The light

A dark and gloomy space will always leave a low-spirited impression.  The best way to create a light, open space is with lighting and colour.  Paint your walls white, or something close, or install white built-in cupboards to make a room look bigger and brighter. You can then add to this light-coloured space by paying more attention to your lighting.

The colour of your curtains, the colour of your light bulbs, and the amount of lighting all play a role. Change your bulbs and add some lamps at different heights to give your home a lighter feel.

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